5 Responses

  1. Kevin O

    Excellent Post… I think you are spot on with what you said.

  2. Rebecca Lisi

    In politics, as in art, nothing is unintentional.

    My comments have been consistent throughout; you only have not had the benefit of hearing my interview in its entirety.

  3. Matt S

    I think it is very possible, but the problem is the strongest people to do that are among his visible supporters on the Council and elsewhere. Would they risk losing against an Old Holyoke type? If its a weak New Holyoke person, they’ll probably get batted down in a preliminary.

  4. M. Turner

    Matt, great post. You raise a lot of interesting points.
    What do you think are the odds of a “New Holyoke” candidate entering the mayor’s race next year – someone who might try to scoop up Morse supporters upset about the casino issue?