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In Amherst, the Wisdom or the Swan Song of Solomon…?

UPDATED 5/1/18 2:12PM: To issue a correction and  for accuracy. This article inaccurately stated non-Democrats could not join the House Dem caucus. It is, in fact, possible. AMHERST—Two years ago, Ellen Story uncorked 25 years of pent-up Democratic ambition. Hampshire County’s largest community and the

A Menagerie of Candidates Competing to Represent ZooMass…

UPDATED 10:47PM: To reflect additional comments from the forum’s organizers. AMHERST—A once in a generation opportunity to snap up the indigo-blue state rep seat here was always certain to have a crowded Democratic primary. A forum held Wednesday night displayed not only the size of

Briefings: Her Story in the Legislature Is Ending…

In a Facebook post this afternoon, Amherst Representative Ellen Story confirmed her retirement from the Massachusetts House of Representatives after 24 years. Story, a native Texan, took the seat over from current Senate President Stanley Rosenberg when he was elected to former US Congressman John