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Down Ballot but Rising Temp in Region’s Governor’s Council Race…

SPRINGFIELD—Under ticket races in Western Massachusetts have not been entirely ignored this cycle. Yet given the contentious Hampden Sheriff primary and the national war for the White House, others have flown under the radar. Nevertheless, the race for the 8th District Governor’s Council race has had heat and, in

Targeting a Judicial Nominee, LGBT Voters or None of the Above?…

In an email to supporters last week, Governor’s Councilor Michael Albano appeared to take aim at one judicial nominee that had represented the opposing side in a legal case to which Albano was a party. The Appeals Court nominee, Peter Sacks, currently the State Solicitor

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In the Rearview Mirror: Digging Down Ballot…

Nearly ten days after the election, post-mortems of the 2012 campaign season go on. Most of these, of course, focus on the presidential election. The Massachusetts Senate race, while destined to be studied for generations, was more or less put to bed until the White

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Endorsements on Parade: Sliding Down the Ballot…

The moment you have all been waiting for, endorsements of offices in our backyard!  Beyond the “continue reading” click, our list of choices for competitive races in Greater Springfield/Hampden County.  Our apologies for not going out further than that, but a lack of resources limited

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The Primary Concerns: Neal Prevails, Gentile Surges…

Last night we had both surprises and the opposite of that in the same night.  The surprises were by turns disappointing and interesting. As the campaign dragged on, it became increasingly clear that Congressman Richard Neal would win.  The question was really what would the

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The Primary Numbers: Governor’s Council

Members of the Massachusetts Governor’s Council must see to it that only qualified individuals make it onto the commonwealth’s judiciary and boards.  Therefore, although the body meets only weekly and its powers are limited, its impact can be paramount. This is an elected body and

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ANALYSIS: Of Clerks and Councils…

Primary day is rapidly approach and with it the effective election of several contests in Hampden County and Western Massachusetts.  Some not contested by Republicans or, alternatively, face opposition not expected to win. The Hampden County Democratic Coalition, a group of Agawam, Chicopee, Holyoke, Springfield

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ICYMI: Clams and Politicians Come to Bake…

Politicians of all stripes came out Wednesday for Hampden County Sheriff Michael Ashe’s Annual Clambake. The event was held at the Elks Lodge on Tiffany Street in Springfield, a change from its normal location at Six Flags in Agawam. Although according to attendees, it was