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Campaigning to Find the Holyoke Sixth Ward Sense…

UPDATED 7/14/17 9:06PM: For grammar & clarity. HOLYOKE—A game of musical chairs—and mayoral ambition—left three of the Paper City’s ward seats on the City Council open(ish) in 2015. Spirited contests to fill them followed. That was on top of a massive at-large field for eight

Briefings: Morse Campaign 4.0 Launches in Holyoke…

HOLYOKE—Surrounded by many of the supporters he has accumulated over six years in office, Alex Morse kicked off his third reelection bid as mayor here. In the banquet hall of the Delaney House, he laid out some of his accomplishments and reiterated the optimism about

Political Earthquake Hits Holyoke with Jourdain Retirement…

UPDATED 2/22/2017 8:09M: To include comments Jourdain gave to The Republican and quotes from Mayor Morse’s statement on Facebook and to reflect a correction. A previous version of this post incorrectly identified the former Ward 6 councilor as Thomas McGee. He is Todd McGee. The

Analysis: Holyoke City Council Says “Vaya con Diosdado…”

Closing an odd and fraught chapter in the history of Holyoke, the City Council selected former Ward 2 Councilor Diosdado Lopez to fill the seat once held by at-large councilor Jennifer Chateauneuf. Following a long feud with a critic, Chateaunef resigned April 4, prompting a scramble