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A necessary party to some of this election's campaign promises? (WMassP&I)

Senate Bill Offers Hope to Communities Battling Foreclosures…

Five years ago, cheers broke out in the Springfield City Council chamber after councilors unanimously approved the city’s foreclosure ordinance. Ravaged by the foreclosure crisis and subsequent recession, Springfield had taken a notably bold step toward curbing the deterioration of neighborhoods littered with vacant, bank-owned

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Take My Council, Please: Amended Complaints…

SPRINGFIELD—Reversing itself fully from a meeting just two weeks ago, the City Council killed an amendment to its historic foreclosure ordinance and with it a settlement to a lawsuit launched shortly after its passage.  The rejection on Monday was arguably the most significant actions taken

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Campaign Dollars/Common Cents Predictions…

For the first time since Springfield abolished its old system of government and ushered in a strong mayor-council government, and possibly ever, the city will hold a municipal election without the mayor on the ballot. Boston is the only other city in Massachusetts with more

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Sarno’s Communications Director Resigns…

UPDATED: 9:20 PM: To reflect details obtained from the Republican. UPDATED 9:40 PM: To show comments from Councilors. UPDATED 12/4/12 1:22PM: With Tweet from WMassP&I’s twitter account and new reporting. SPRINGFIELD—After five years of a relative calm among the mayor’s inner circle of advisers and

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Vacant Expressions in Springfield…

As 2010 faded into 2011, Springfield and its largely Forest Park neighborhood-based Ward 6 faced a tumultuous transition. Councilor Keith Wright had resigned from the seat only a year after his and seven other ward-based seats were created in the city’s 2009 Council reorganization. The

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Banks’ Suit to Strike Ordinances Foreclosed…

**This post has been edited for clarity.** Housing advocates and community activists breathed a sigh of relief on Tuesday as United States District Court Judge Michael Ponsor killed a lawsuit by various banks to strike down Springfield’s new foreclosure ordinances.  Ponsor’s ruling sided with the