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Analysis: As Courts Back Biomass, Williams Feels the Heat…

Were Springfield at-large Councilor Bud Williams to find something to blame for the rising temperature in this year’s Council election, unfortunate serendipity should come to mind. Positive headlines aside—some real, others just text belching “progress”—discontent remains afoot in the Land of Springfield, permeating its competitive

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Briefings: Could Yet Another Mayoral Candidate Arise?…

UPDATED 4/2/15 3:53PM: To reflect confirmation from Bewsee and new comments from her. Papers were only available yesterday, but it seems a major political cycle is underway in Springfield with word that another potential candidate has dipped a toe into the mayoral pool. Arise for

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Briefings: The Fenton Council Presidency, Part II…

SPRINGFIELD—With the latest election cycle concluded, eyes are beginning to turn to 2015. While it is too early to know exactly what to expect from next year’s elections, the City Council appears set to reelect Ward 2 Councilor Michael Fenton as its president for another

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Editorial: Your Own Counsel Will You Keep…

It was a little more than two weeks ago that the Springfield City Council did something it so rarely does. The body voted 12-1 to both assert the power it is imbued—power that it actually holds exclusively—and harness it for a cause that is not

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The Year in Springfield 2012…

UPDATED 11:51PM: For clarity, grammar and accuracy. Another year, and another raucous political era in the City of Homes.  Everything from local politics at 36 Court Street to the Presidential election had their impacts upon Springfield.  Petty politics reigned early on at the City Council,

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Biomass Bulletins: City Council Appeal Sustained…

More than five months after it had overturned Palmer Renewable Energy’s permit to begin construction, the Zoning Board of Appeals once again ruled against the proposed biomass plant.  Left unresolved from that January meeting was the Springfield City Council’s appeal. The ZBA sustained the Council’s