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Springfield's 2015. (WMassP&I)

The Year in Springfield 2015…

Another year come and gone in the City of Homes, complete with a mayoral election. While the race itself maintained an inevitable air throughout, it nevertheless revealed much about the state of Springfield. From economic interest from the Promised Land to increasing drama with MGM,

Might the Council dare show its strength this term? (created via WMassP&I, Wikipidia, and Google image search)

Analysis: Toward a Stronger Springfield City Council?…

UPDATED: 1:29PM: For grammar and clarity. As a rule, Massachusetts city councils are weak bodies. Whether a city (or city masquerading as a town) has a mayor or a manager, councils’ powers are considerably weaker than those of their communities’ executive branch. There is a spectrum

Antonette Pepe in 2011 (courtesy The Valley Advocate)

Fire and a Fighter: Antonette Pepe 1941-2015…

UPDATED 12/11/15 4:39PM: A prior version of this post stated services for Pepe were to be held on Friday and Sunday. They will in fact be held on Friday and Saturday. A week before the Springfield mayoral preliminary in 2011, at-large School Committeewoman Antonette Pepe had

Better late than never, but still...when?. (WMassP&I)

For Latest Approvals, MGM May Find It’s Not in Kansas Anymore…

SPRINGFIELD—MGM Resorts International’s charm offensive has entered its next phase as its whittled down casino project faces scrutiny from city and Massachusetts gaming officials. Some local officials, like Mayor Domenic Sarno, mouth both robust scrutiny and sticky-sweet support for the project. Yet, MGM could encounter a

MGM CEO Jim Murren on the spot in Springfield. (WMassP&I)

MGM CEO Apologizes to His Wife, er, the City of Springfield…

UPDATED 11/1/15 10:25AM: For clarity. SPRINGFIELD—Seeking to quell the biggest public relations catastropphe since helicoptering into the city three years ago, MGM Resorts International bigwigs stood shoulder to shoulder with Mayor Domenic Sarno and reaffirmed their commitment to the city and the multimillion dollar casino