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The Toughest Jury for a Seasoned Prosecutor? The Voters…

UPDATED 8/2/14: To reflect additional information about Vottero’s trial record as it relates to one of his endorsements. SPRINGFIELD—The race to be Hampden County’s next District Attorney has, as the candidates have become sharper in their presentations and platform, broken away from major ideological fault

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For the House This Time, Edwards Again Looks East…

SPRINGFIELD—Only two major similarities exist between Melvin Edwards’s run for Senate in 2012 and his bid for the House this year. In both races, the primary will effectively decide the election and in both races Edwards is a candidate. Then things diverge considerably. While primary

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In Ward 8, Is the 3rd Time A Charm?…

SPRINGFIELD—If at first you don’t succeed try, try again. This age-old chestnut may aptly describe the upcoming race for City Council’s Ward 8 representative.  Crossing swords for the third time in as many cycles, incumbent councilor John Lysak will again face Orlando Ramos in a

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The Sun Also Criticizes…

This post was originally published on 3/17/13 10:27. Its time stamp has been changed to promote it to the top of the site. UPDATED 3/19/13 2:56PM: For grammar. Last Monday, Sunshine Week took some Massachusetts legislators by surprise when they discovered Massachusetts had received a

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The Year in Springfield 2012…

UPDATED 11:51PM: For clarity, grammar and accuracy. Another year, and another raucous political era in the City of Homes.  Everything from local politics at 36 Court Street to the Presidential election had their impacts upon Springfield.  Petty politics reigned early on at the City Council,

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The Primary Numbers: Hampden Senate…

The task of redistricting often leaves in its wake many choices, chances, trials and opportunities. In Massachusetts, we suffered from the lost of a seat in Congress, and enlargement of the remaining seats to fill the space. However, with the annual federal reapportionment come the