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Analysis: Holyoke City Council Says “Vaya con Diosdado…”

Closing an odd and fraught chapter in the history of Holyoke, the City Council selected former Ward 2 Councilor Diosdado Lopez to fill the seat once held by at-large councilor Jennifer Chateauneuf. Following a long feud with a critic, Chateaunef resigned April 4, prompting a scramble

Councilors chat with members of the audience after Monday's meeting. (WMassP&I)

Illuminating the No’s on Holyoke’s Council Vacancy Sign…

HOLYOKE—Filling a vacant seat is nothing new to veteran city councilors here. Yet, even at-large Councilor Joseph McGivern, the body’s longest-serving member, finds the task of replacing his colleague, Jennifer Chauteauneuf, who resigned earlier this month, a departure from previous times the Council filled a vacancy in its

Over five years, homophobia has been too flammable for most Morse opponents in Holyoke to utilize directly. (WMassP&I)

Endorsements on Parade: Paper City Council Picks 2015…

UPDATED 11/2/15 1:07PM: To add additional details to paragraph 2 under the Ward 6 endorsement. The future of the city of Holyoke is about more than just the lives of its residents. Like our home base of Springfield, the restoration and revitalization of Holyoke is

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Briefings: Riffenburg Bows out of Holyoke’s Ward 6 Race…

UPDATED 6/10/15 11:06AM: To include reaction from Kevin Jourdain. There is still time on the clock, but as it stands the race to succeed Holyoke Ward 6 Councilor Todd McGee now is down to one candidate. This evening Mark Riffenburg, a political organizer and former deputy

Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse addressing supporters Wednesday night (WMassP&I)

In Holyoke, Dialing “M” for Morse (and Perhaps Momentum)…

UPDATED 5/31/15 1:24AM: For grammary and clarity. HOLYOKE—Beginning his campaign for a third term in a room filled with supporters at the Delaney House, Mayor Alex Morse called on residents to keep up the momentum he and his partisans say have brought change and coaxed this famously old-school

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Analysis: On the Holyoke Ward 6 Menu? Soup Du Jourdain…

Two events struck the City of Holyoke like earthquakes this week. Though of entirely different natures—one political, one, quite literally structural—they could ripple through the city’s politics. Their only common trait is one man: City Council President Kevin Jourdain. On Tuesday, Jourdain announced, to nearly everybody’s surprise,

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Shawn of the Deadlocked Hampden DA Race…

WESTFIELD—Politicians abound in Shawn Allyn‘s family, but until this year, it might have been a recessive gene for him. But since joining the race for Hampden County District Attorney, Allyn has evolved from a reserved, somewhat awkward political neophyte to a master of both tone and