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After 10 Years, It Is Truly Mitt Night in America…

And so it came to pass. The epic goes unfinished. Troy did not fall. Turnus was not slain. Thus another story came to be. The White Whale escaped. Gatsby is dead…or at least his political career is. Today former Massachusetts Governor and 2012 Republican presidential

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The Year in Springfield 2012…

UPDATED 11:51PM: For clarity, grammar and accuracy. Another year, and another raucous political era in the City of Homes.  Everything from local politics at 36 Court Street to the Presidential election had their impacts upon Springfield.  Petty politics reigned early on at the City Council,

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Barack in the Game…

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO REGISTER TO VOTE IN MASSACHUSETTS. There is little question in our minds that President Barack Obama thoroughly beat former Governor Mitt Romney last night.  He not only exposed Romney’s vagueness and extreme plans, he defended his