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Editorial: Your Own Counsel Will You Keep…

It was a little more than two weeks ago that the Springfield City Council did something it so rarely does. The body voted 12-1 to both assert the power it is imbued—power that it actually holds exclusively—and harness it for a cause that is not

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Biomass Bulletins: City Council Appeal Sustained…

More than five months after it had overturned Palmer Renewable Energy’s permit to begin construction, the Zoning Board of Appeals once again ruled against the proposed biomass plant.  Left unresolved from that January meeting was the Springfield City Council’s appeal. The ZBA sustained the Council’s

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Biomass Bulletins: Council ZBA Appeal on Hold…

The fight to stop a wood-burning electric plant on Page Boulevard lumbers on despite the recent victories of the plant’s many opponents. Palmer Renewable Energy, the plant’s developer has appealed both the City Council’s revocation of the plant’s special permit and the decision of the

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ZBA Burns/Incinerates Biomass Permit…

**This post has been updated with pictures and for grammar. This post has also been corrected to accurately reflect the comments of one speaker with regard to Massachusetts municipal waste incinerator ban.** As early as five thirty, a half hour before the zoning board of