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2013 An Election Odyssey: Jimmy Eat World…

UPDATED 9:41PM: For grammar and minor edits. This is the third post in a series analyzing the results of the 2013 election. SPRINGFIELD—In retrospect, at-large Councilor Jimmy Ferrera may owe his political career to chance.  When former State Senator and later clerk of courts Brian

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Briefings: Republicans’ Brown Out…

There is a great deal more to be said about former Republican Senator Scott Brown bowing out of another special election race. In particular there is will be a look at what the Massachusetts GOP’s options are (hint: they all stink!) and a longer coda

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Briefings: Our 100th Once Again…

UPDATED 1/30/13 12:56 AM: Markey kickoff details added. The United States Senate confirmed Senator John Kerry to the post of Secretary of State this afternoon.  The vote was not even close, but included a few interesting no votes.  We will have more on Kerry’s confirmation

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The Year in Springfield 2012…

UPDATED 11:51PM: For clarity, grammar and accuracy. Another year, and another raucous political era in the City of Homes.  Everything from local politics at 36 Court Street to the Presidential election had their impacts upon Springfield.  Petty politics reigned early on at the City Council,

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In the Rearview Mirror: Winners & Losers

This Post is the First in a Series on Post-election Analysis It would be hard not to read Tuesday’s election as anything but good in the country at-large and certainly here in Massachusetts.  The President won reelection very comfortably in the Electoral College and in