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Six Days to Destiny…I hope…

Election day is nearly upon us. First, given that most readers are from the Bay State, we’re going to issue National endorsements for pivotal races first, to give you time to contact your friends and relatives across the country to get them out to vote. This is the first of at least two such entries. I may not be able to list more than a few House endorsements as, frankly, the Republicans have screwed up in too many places. You can find New England office endorsements with local offices. Candidates appear from north to south, east to west.

United States Senate

New York: Hillary Clinton has been running a runaway campaign since, well, she won her first campaign in 2000. Since 9/11, this former first lady has fought constantly for the state and city of New York. Mrs. Clinton has attracted support from Upstate NY, regions most Democrats fear to enter. Is she going to run for President? Probably. However, that does not diminish her ability and her passion for the citizens and the state of New York.

New Jersey: This Senate battle has been hard-fought ever since Governor Jon Corzine resigned to take up his office in Trenton. After a painful budget battle, NJ Democrats, including Bob Menendez, have been reeling despite the heavily Blue nature of the Garden State. Menendez’s opponent has been the son of a former governor, who while obviously left of most Nat’l Republicans, will still only further the culture of corruption and incompetence in Washington. WMassP&I encourages New Jerseyans to vote Bob Menendez on Novemebr 7.

Pennsylvania: You know how I feel! Robert Patrick Casey, Jr, is the representative Pennsylvanians deserves in the United States Senate. Sanctimonious Santorum has sold his office to the likes of Wal-Mart and became the ultimate in hypocritical government. Casey is more than the Anti-Santorum. While strongly anti-abortion, he stands up for worker’s rights, the environment, and many other issues that will prove pivotal in the upcoming years.

Maryland: Senate Paul Sarbanes shocked the state of Maryland when he announced his retirement. It led to the first open Senate seat from Maryland since Babs Mikulski won her seat in 1986 and a powerful primary battle, but Ben Cardin a long-serving member of the House came out on top. Cardin has served his district faithfully and will offer the whole state nothing less.

Virginia: James Webb, former Reagan Navy Secretary, was never within striking distance of winning until his candidate started to lose consciousness from lack of oxygen, having his head in the clouds (or stuffed into the dark nether-regions). Instead, it took George “Macacawitz” Allen’s limber foot-in-mouth placement to bring-on his downfall. James Webb is not perfect, but he is the right man for the job at the right time. Well-credentialed and ready to defend the rights of all Virginians and indeed, all Americans, just as he defended his nation in years past.

Ohio: Senate Mike DeWine is one of the more moderate Republicans in the Senate. However, he has ties to Jack Abramoff, uber-lobbyist and criminal. He’s out and Sherrod Brown an intense advocate for his state and district. I have seen Rep. Brown speak on television and I know that his words are his convictions and not sold to the highest bidder. Industrially ailing Ohio needs him.

Tennessee: This race has been marred by racial overtones. Harold Ford, a member of the Blue Dog Coalition blends the right amount of open-mindedness to policy alternatives with strength to speak his mind in the face of opposition. He deserves to represent the people of Tennessee and they deserve to have a great legislator such as he.

Montana: Another Abramoff tainted incumbent, Mike DeWine, who has done good things, but whose time is up. Democrat Jon Tester will invigorate this important Senate seat from the plain states. Increasingly, Western Americans appreciation for land and conservation are finding Democrats are the one who will work hardest to defend the lands they love. Vote Jon Tester for Senate.

Washington: Since Christine Gregoire won the gubernatorial election in 2004, Democrats had been bracing for revenge by the GOP. Thankfully, it was the Dems who came forward with force this election season. Among them is incumbent Maria Cantwell who has consistently fought for women’s rights, the environment and innovation and development in our economy. Washington should send her to Washington for another six years.

That’s pretty much it. The rest of the third of the Senate up for grabs is not facing serious opposition. For good measure, WMassP&I supports Michigan Sen. Debbie Stabenow, California Sen. Diane Feinstein, Florida Sen. Bill Nelson, and Nebraska Sen. Ben Nelson for reelection. In addition challengers Jack Carter in Nevada and Jim Pederson receive our support.