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More Mayoral Mutterings…

In the past two weeks, I have received two comments on my blog, which for me is exhilarating, as it is a rare occurrence. The first you can read under “Making Blight Homeless…” The second, I did not publish under the entry in response to which it was posted. My reasoning being that I wished to respond more appropriately than I could by simply posting a reply.
Here is the entry AS IS:

“As there will be an election and as the City will need to b governed adults
have no choice but to vote, but to decide but to act. Your column seems to say
sitting on the sidelines or not either endorsing or advocating an alternative is
a point of pride. Sorry no who currently lives in that city has that same
luxury. Charlie Ryan is the best option there is, no one stands nearly as tall
in the city right now. He may not be your ideal, but your posting itself
endorse s him as the best alternative, which in the end is what real politics is
about, not the perfect choice but the best available choice.”

Now, if one can get past the loose control of the keyboard, a crime I myself am often guilty of, I would like to make a few points. First of all, it is only April. WMassP&I has plenty of time to endorse a candidate. Second, there is no pride whatsoever in not endorsing anybody. I am just keeping my options open. To that end, as this is simply a blog that is published by a college student, I am under no obligation to air a direct endorsement anyway. I vote, and thus my obligations are fulfilled. In that sense, I am unimpressed by those who think they are taking some kind of stand by not voting. Third, sadly, friends, many Springfield residents do take that luxury of choosing no one (not voting) and I hold them as accountable as those who voted for officials complicit in the current situation. Finally, I agree. Politics is about choosing the best candidate, even if he or she is not your ideal. I am not a fool or idealistic neophyte.

In other news…Domenic Sarno is probably running for mayor. According to the Republican, Councilor Sarno is making an “exciting” announcement at St. Anthony’s Hall, the same place Ryan announced his third 21st Century run. Sarno’s tenure goes back to 2000. At that point, most of the damage that left us in the current situation had been done. Nonetheless, business as usual did carry on for another three years thereafter. To get a better handle on the situation, it would be nice to research City Council votes and dig up some more dirt on Sarno. In addition, we need to have a clearer picture on what his views about the Control Board are. Whoever the mayor is, they need to understand the good the Board has done and not necessarily be in a rush to abolish just, well, just because, as the reason for many seems to be. The mayor needs to work with it and not against it.

Of course this is all speculation. We will not know Sarno’s true intentions until May 1. Until then…