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Monthly Archives: June 2007

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Puccia Resgins…

Need more be said? The resignation comes a day after the newly seated Springfield Finance Control Board held its first meeting. For more details, see Urban Compass.

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Changing of the Guard @ 36 Court St., sorta…

Number 10 Downing Street is not the only place where transitions were happening. In downtown Springfield, the Springfield Finance Control Board (FCB) held its first meeting with the new members appointed by Gov. Deval Patrick. The new members are Chris Gabrieli, former gubernatorial candidate, James

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Bye, Bye, Blair…

Today, as WMassP&I returns from one of its painful hiatuses (hiati?), we turn to the East. Much further than Boston, I’m afraid to the country under whom this city was founded. In England, or more correctly, Great Britain, the Premiership of Tony Blair is at

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Making the Ban…

So the supporters of Gay Marriage in Massachusetts have scored a major victory by defeating a move to put an amendment to the State Constitution on the ballet banning the nuptials. Under the state constitution, voter initiated amendments, which this was, need 50 votes out

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Slapping a Grown-up Baby Bell…

Telecommunications are on the table in Massachusetts these days. Efforts are underway to repeal exemptions to certain property taxes that could yield millions to Bay State cities and towns at the expense of mostly Verizon New England, the official name of Verizon’s Massachusetts and Rhode