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Just a Few Updates…

According to the Springfield Intruder, Bill Dusty’s new Springfield oriented blog, John Lysak has thrown his hat into the ring for City Council. Rather, he has announced he will throw his hat into the ring July 18. See the link at left to the Intruder for more details.

Also noted in the Intruder’s updates status of current declared City Council candidate Karen Powell website. It is now up and running. Karen Powell appears to have a history of activism in the city and could be a much needed reformer on the City Council. All of the incumbent have not yet made their intentions known. However, with Domenic Sarno running for mayor, his seat will be open. Therefore, as has been the case for the last few elections, at least one new face will join the City Council this year.

Certainly, much to most of the City Council’s chagrin, the Control Board will be having its way with the city for the next two years. However, the City Council is still important and, given that the next City Council will have 6 months of post-Control Board rule, it is into the next city council’s hands that power will be restored. All citizens should pay attention to this campaign and vote for effective leaders who will make decisions that are thoughtful and genuinely good, not just popular and feel good.