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Resignation Ends a Holyoke Drama, Leaving Coveted Council Vacancy…

UPDATED 4/6/16 7:29PM: To reflect a correction. H.U.S.H. published Chateauneuf’s Facebook announcement before The Republican, although the paper did report the Clerk’s receipt of the resignation first and for a clarification of the sources named in the final paragraph. Following an episodic stretch of controversy and public feuding,

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Boston Beat: Shame…

Of course we are not there, but between street level live cams, an aeriel live cam and tweets from the scene, Boston Police, State Police and Transit Police have cleared Occupy Boston protesters from a second plot of the Rose Kennedy Greenway.  Afterward, sanitation workers

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Who Struggles with God…

Coat of Arms of Israel (Wikipedia) For a moment, we will turn away from the curse upon our House the American people voted in last November and consider the consequences of another far-right movement brought in by a dissatisfied public.  For whatever its faults–and there