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Elizabeth Warren

Editorial: A Warren Plan Best Realized over Time….

A recent string of polls suggest the high, if not the party, may be over for Elizabeth Warren. After an early Fall where she seemingly eclipsed former Vice-President Joe Biden, the senior senator from Massachusetts has seen her star fade. South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete


Endorsements on Parade: Springfield Choices for 2019…

It is an odd time for the city of Springfield. There is yet another mayoral election of debatable competitiveness at a time when so much is amiss with our city. The Council race, already troublingly low-key, has been polluted by disqualifying behavior. At the same

Editorial: To Save the Rule of Law, the Council Must Lawyer up…

…Everybody else is getting one, so why not? But seriously…The Springfield City Council thus far is the only organ of city government containing the conflagration spreading throughout city government without getting singed. The fires have raged at Pearl Street as l’affaire de Bigda and the

Editorial: On East-West Rail, the Legislature Still Must Speak…

Some time ago the Massachusetts Department of Transportation—or simply MassDOT—announced plans to replace an aging viaduct east of the former Allston Turnpike tolls in Boston. The agency will bring the Pike to ground and elevate the adjoining Soldier Fields Road. That decision was widely praised.

US Capitol

You Have One Job to Do: VOTE…

About five years ago this blog urged residents of our city, Springfield, to vote with their whole hearts, their whole minds, and their whole souls on the casino subject. Our preferred outcome lost, but the point was to call our fellow residents to speak at

Endorsements on Parade: Time for New Executive Decisions in Mass…

Many states lay claim to inventing America. Few get as close to that being true as the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Not every pivotal event in American history happened in our state, but it is not an overstatement to suggest that revolutions—political, cultural, technological—common start here.