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Take My Council, Please: According to the Latest Poll…

SPRINGFIELD—A relatively quiet agenda Monday night made for a hefty number of speakers at the beginning of the meeting and then a fight over polling places. The Council’s few summertime meetings usually make for packed schedules, but overwhelmingly the items in play were small financial

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Not Quite Florida, But Unbecoming of Democracy?…

UPDATED 11/21/2012  For Clarity From seven hour lines in Miami-Dade County to false or misleading information on billboards in Pennsylvania to endless counting in Arizona, Election Day 2012 was nothing to be proud of. Voters across the country faced myriad challenges, a reality that runs

Vacant Expressions in Springfield…

As 2010 faded into 2011, Springfield and its largely Forest Park neighborhood-based Ward 6 faced a tumultuous transition. Councilor Keith Wright had resigned from the seat only a year after his and seven other ward-based seats were created in the city’s 2009 Council reorganization. The