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ICYMI: Clams and Politicians Come to Bake…

Politicians of all stripes came out Wednesday for Hampden County Sheriff Michael Ashe’s Annual Clambake. The event was held at the Elks Lodge on Tiffany Street in Springfield, a change from its normal location at Six Flags in Agawam. Although according to attendees, it was

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Doors, Campaign, & Politics Open in Hampden Senate…

**This post has been edited for accuracy.** This post is the third in a series about the Hampden Senate District Primary Election In the modern political campaign, the announcement almost certainly predates the real campaign.  This happens all the time.  Candidates announce and then little

The Insight: Westside…Eastside…

This post is the second in a series on the Hampden Senate District Primary Election. WEST SPRINGFIELD—After the heartache and drama of reapportionment left Massachusetts with one less seat in Congress, the less high-profile process would be the act of cramming 160 House districts and