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Category Archives: Mass Lt. Gov Race 2022

Lesser Fundraiser

The Original Obama Campaign Universe Assembles for Lesser…

Longmeadow Senator Eric Lesser has led the money race for much of the campaign to be the Democratic nominee for lieutenant governor. But at the end of the month, he may supercharge that a bit fundraising featuring friends of his from the Obama Campaign Universe (OCU).

Northampton Lt. Debate

Live from the Stump, It’s the Emerging Tone of the Democratic Primary…

NORTHAMPTON—In the 2014 primary, the attention was on the gubernatorial race. Before the convention culled the herd to three candidates, there were five running. There was a race for lieutenant governor, too but the eventual winner was not terribly surprising.

This time around, there is a lot more attention the race for gubernatorial understudy.

Andrea Campbell

Contours of Democrats’ Whole Statewide Primary Come into View…

With former Boston City Councilor and mayoral aspirant Andrea Campbell entering the race for Attorney General, statewide Democratic primaries are beginning to fill out. Incumbent Treasurer Deb Goldberg and incumbent Secretary of the Commonwealth Bill Galvin are seeking reelection. Their plans followed many others’.