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Take My Council, Please: Everybody Gettin’ Schooled…

(WMassP&I) The Springfield City Council’s special session held to settle the Forest Park Middle School renovation held tonight was not as raucous as last week’s meeting.  It was not without its tenser moments, but circumstance led to a setting that provided at least a modicum

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Take My Council, Please: Forest Park Face-off…

(WMassP&I) It was a hot time in a cool town’s halls of power Monday.  The regular city council meeting, like all the others it seems, appeared destined to be a big snooze.  Instead, it was full of sound of fury, much of it signifying nothing

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The Year in Springfield 2010…

So comes again another year the wide world of Springfield.  As is tradition, WMassP&I will recount the events and news that made 2010 different from 1876 in Springfield.  As both a city and as one of 351 parts of Massachusetts, Springfield saw its share of ups and

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Take My Council, Please: Education Economics…

 *Update: The US Senate ratified the President’s New START treaty with a united Democratic caucus and 13 Republicans including Mass. Senator Scott Brown.  Media outlets report the margin may have been higher absent the DADT vote, but it passed nonetheless, capping a tremendous lame-duck session

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Take My Council, Please: Trash Talkin’…

(WmassP&I) Welcome to a new series on Western Mass Politics & Insight.  “Take My Council, Please,” will be a series on the Springfield City Council.  Whenever possible, we will give you news and analysis from City Council meetings plus interviews and updates.  The meeting for