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Briefings: Williams Takes Control at the Springfield Council

by Adam Bass Correspondent-Intern Springfield City Councilor Marcus William’s was officially sworn in as Council President on Monday afternoon, as the city begins its legislative session of 2021.   Williams, who represents Ward 5 in the city, was elected unanimously by his colleagues as the city’s

The Year in Springfield, 2020…

The complete dominance of the coronavirus in Springfield, as with the world, almost compressed 2020 as much as it stretched it out. There were other happening afoot in the City of Homes and its state and nation. Many, however, the virus took over, like the

Take My Council, Please: Still Burning through Agendas…

SPRINGFIELD—Aside from its atypical procedure to a select a new Council President, the City Council here glided through its last meeting of 2020. This Hell-spawned year had driven the body from its friendly-enough confines to cyberspace for nearly all of 2020. Monday was no different.

Briefings: What is Vaccine & Unseen in Springfield…

SPRINGFIELD—As the hoped-for vaccines to guard against COVID-19 appear on the horizon, officials here are preparing for their role in distribution. Supplies will be extremely limited in December if, as expected, the Food and Drug Administration authorizes emergency use. Hospitals like Mercy and Baystate Health