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Take My Council, Please: Greenwash Backwash…

(WMassP&I) Monday’s City Council Meeting was a snooze.  After months of meetings, finally the council succeeded in being as boring as the grainy Public Access footage suggested.  However there were a few nuggets worth reporting on, some of which emphasize previous screeds against past councilors.

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You Must Concede This Much…

Mayor Domenic Sarno (WMassP&I) Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno held a somber press conference today announcing that he and his staff were close to recommending a balanced budget to the City Council save for one pesky $5.4 million gap.  To plug it, the mayor is seeking

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Mayoral Moves vs. the Record’s Reality…

 **UPDATE 1-27-11: Jose Tosado has announced his run for mayor of Springfield according to WFCR.  Tosado was widely expected to announce his run this week.** Pres. Jose Tosado (Facebook) What do John Boehner and Jose Tosado have in common?  On spec, not much.  One is

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The Year in Springfield 2010…

So comes again another year the wide world of Springfield.  As is tradition, WMassP&I will recount the events and news that made 2010 different from 1876 in Springfield.  As both a city and as one of 351 parts of Massachusetts, Springfield saw its share of ups and

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Take My Council, Please: Trash Talkin’…

(WmassP&I) Welcome to a new series on Western Mass Politics & Insight.  “Take My Council, Please,” will be a series on the Springfield City Council.  Whenever possible, we will give you news and analysis from City Council meetings plus interviews and updates.  The meeting for

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PILOTs hit the Ceiling…

*Correction: In an article in the Republican on 12/5/10, the $1 million dollars used to facilitate Springfield’s tax cut is described as coming from one of the city’s savings accounts. (WmassP&I) For those like us whose ears are bolted to the ground, the first shots