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Election Detritus 2011: PAST DUE…

Mayor Sarno ( Anybody watching the elections play out in Springfield and the neighboring towns should not really be surprised what transpired.  Mayor eating that may end the latter’s political career and won the city’s first four-year mayoral term.  On the other hand, Bud Williams,

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Mayoral and Debated Analysis…

Tuesday night’s debate at American International College among School Committeewoman Antonette Pepe, Mayor Domenic Sarno and City Council President Jose Tosado would be the last time that three mayoral candidates would appear on the same stage together.  On Tuesday, the voters of Springfield, or at

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Another Term, Double the Time…

Mayor Sarno greets Supporters in Springfield (WMassP&I) Last night at St. Anthony’s Maronite Church on Island Pond Road, Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno kicked off his reelection campaign for a third term as the city’s mayor.  While the mayor’s incumbency had long been seen as among

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Intersection of Andrew & Wilmont…

City Council Chamber before meeting (WMassP&I) Days after at-large Councilor Jimmy Ferrera offered his cynically and politically worded resolve before the Springfield City Council and Ward 3 Council Melvin Edwards slapped him down with a rhetorical stroke that summoned a cheer from the audience, irony

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Take My Council, Please: REVOKED!…

(WMassP&I) After all of the drama, all the testimony, all the passion, the Springfield City Council voted this evening to deny a permit for a used car dealership on Newhouse Street in the City’s Outer Belt Neighborhood.  Yes, the tension and the anxiety over what

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Take My Council, Please: Greenwash Backwash…

(WMassP&I) Monday’s City Council Meeting was a snooze.  After months of meetings, finally the council succeeded in being as boring as the grainy Public Access footage suggested.  However there were a few nuggets worth reporting on, some of which emphasize previous screeds against past councilors.