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The Year in Springfield 2019…

At the beginning, 2019 felt like it had all the fixings of a great year for the City of Homes. The Council was resurgent. The East-West rail study was (finally) moving. The region’s congressman ascended to one of Congress’s top posts. MGM was entering its

Joe Kennedy

Briefings: Joe Kennedy, III Ready to Launch…Statewide…

US Representative Joseph Kennedy, III, a scion of the storied Massachusetts political family, has been toying with a US Senate run for some time. Last month, his efforts, including a poll testing him against incumbent Senator Ed Markey, were unmasked. Since then, Kennedy has toured

Warren at Netroots

2020 Vision: In the City of Warrenly Love…

PHILADELPHIA—For years now, United States Senator Elizabeth Warren has been a staple of Netroots Nation, an annual gathering of progressive political activists. Her earliest visits talked up the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the financial product regulator Warren successfully lobbied to include in the 2010 financial