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Our One Hundredth: Tornado Politics Reemerge…

Amidst the innumerable Western Mass name drops that Senator Scott Brown snuck into his local guy shtick during Wednesday’s debate in Springfield, only one was (hopefully) a once-in-a-life time event.  The tornadoes of June 2011 made their Senate debut, albeit briefly in that debate.  Their

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Our One Hundredth: Hoop City Showdown…

Springfield Senate Debate Coverage (UPDATED 10/11 5:45pm for additional reporting & photos) Amid a festive, almost carnival atmosphere outside Springfield’s Symphony Hall, supporters of Senator Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren faced off awaiting the campaigns lone debate outside I-495, crowding the streets around Springfield. Although

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Our One Hundredth: Traitor to the Cause…

There was more than hint of irony when Senator Scott Brown announced he had the support of Springfield’s former mayor Charles Ryan. Over the last fifteen years Ryan had presided over the city’s troubled finances, but also worked to preserve its libraries. In endorsing Brown,

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ICYMI: Clams and Politicians Come to Bake…

Politicians of all stripes came out Wednesday for Hampden County Sheriff Michael Ashe’s Annual Clambake. The event was held at the Elks Lodge on Tiffany Street in Springfield, a change from its normal location at Six Flags in Agawam. Although according to attendees, it was

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Our One Hundredth: On to the General…

Democrat Elizabeth Warren officially cleared the field for United States Senate and avoided a primary with her only remaining challenger, Middleton Immigration Attorney Marissa DeFranco.  Although as early as Saturday, John Walsh, the party’s state chairman, said he expected DeFranco to make it onto the

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The Insight: A Valley of Ashe’s…

Six months ago, as Springfield voted in the shadow of a year of bizarre weather that almost certainly affected the election, a potentially subtler electoral coup emerged besides Domenic Sarno’s landslide victory.  Even as the weather had scrambled the predictions of the city’s punditocracy and