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Take My Council, Please: Facing the Hard Truth…

SPRINGFIELD—The growing ambition of the City Council beached itself onto the body’s widening political gulf, amid procedural and substantive disagreements on civil liberties and a public works project. While the Council ultimately voted to kill an order that could frustrate the X intersection project, it

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Briefings: Another Read on the 2014 Candidates…

UPDATED 2:28PM SPRINGFIELD—Only another four weeks separate candidates for local and statewide office from the primary that will decide many of their fates and, in many cases, the election, too. That leaves precious little time before voting begins and it may be even less as

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Take My Council, Please: According to the Latest Poll…

SPRINGFIELD—A relatively quiet agenda Monday night made for a hefty number of speakers at the beginning of the meeting and then a fight over polling places. The Council’s few summertime meetings usually make for packed schedules, but overwhelmingly the items in play were small financial


Take My Council, Please: When We Elect to Vote…

SPRINGFIELD—Although long, the City Council’s agenda was not particularly controversial or compelling.  A few items offered councilors the typical, out-of-context grandstanding, but even that was fairly spare given limited opportunities. At-large Councilor Kateri Walsh was absent from Monday’s meeting. The Council’s agenda was largely transfers