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Take My Council, Please: Gotta Keep on (Food) Trucking…

SPRINGFIELD—Emotion and politics ran high at Monday night’s City Council meeting as a labor pact with district fire chiefs failed and the food truck ordinance returned to committee. Both items faced months or even years of anticipation. The rejection of the labor pact with the

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Take My Council, Please: According to the Latest Poll…

SPRINGFIELD—A relatively quiet agenda Monday night made for a hefty number of speakers at the beginning of the meeting and then a fight over polling places. The Council’s few summertime meetings usually make for packed schedules, but overwhelmingly the items in play were small financial

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Take My Council Please: New Police On Life…

SPRINGFIELD—A rather short agenda made for the rare short meeting Monday night as the Springfield City Council took up a few housekeeping items, albeit ones that will have a notable impact. The items were mostly financial transfers within departments and a few grant acceptances.  At-large