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Campaign Dollars/Common Cents Predictions…

For the first time since Springfield abolished its old system of government and ushered in a strong mayor-council government, and possibly ever, the city will hold a municipal election without the mayor on the ballot. Boston is the only other city in Massachusetts with more

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Take My Council, Please: Topping the Billboard Charts…

UPDATED 8:56 PM: For, clarity,  grammar, and inclusion of links. UPDATED 2/28/13 3:09PM: For accuracy. SPRINGFIELD—Among the powers of the City Council, few bring about more unpredictable results than the exercise of its permit-granting authority.  For whatever reason, the special-permit granting authority of the city

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Reason, Political Fear May Have Assigned Committes…

UPDATED 1/19/13: For grammar and clarity. SPRINGFIELD—Defying the low expectations of many City Council watchers, Council President and at-large Councilor Jimmy Ferrera appointed the Council’s committees, but without the inequitable and punitive air that characterized last year’s appointments.  Chairs of committees were spread among councilors,

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Who, Not What, Should Now Go to Committee?…

UPDATED 1/11/13 4:56PM: For Clarity SPRINGFIELD—The Springfield City Council formally installed at-large Councilor Jimmy Ferrera for another year-long term as the body’s president before a chamber filled with department heads, supporters and family. The new term begins a year after Ferrera started his first term

The Year in Springfield 2012…

UPDATED 11:51PM: For clarity, grammar and accuracy. Another year, and another raucous political era in the City of Homes.  Everything from local politics at 36 Court Street to the Presidential election had their impacts upon Springfield.  Petty politics reigned early on at the City Council,

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Take My Council, Please: What Have We Learned?…

Two potentially historic throw downs in the Springfield City Council chamber ended with barely a whimper Monday night.  The Council selected its president for the 2013 term and approved the first step of changes to the fire commissioner’s qualifications.  Both had the potential to get

He Who Would Be Council President…

UPDATED 12/5/12 2:47PM: For clarification of John Lysak’s political affiliation and grammar. Campaigns for the City Council Presidency in Springfield are quite unlike many of the city’s big political fights.  While several important issues go by unnoticed at 36 Court Street, where there is a

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In the Rearview Mirror: Winners & Losers

This Post is the First in a Series on Post-election Analysis It would be hard not to read Tuesday’s election as anything but good in the country at-large and certainly here in Massachusetts.  The President won reelection very comfortably in the Electoral College and in

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Take My Council, Please: With Firm Resolve…

UDPATED 10/18/12 2:22pm During a relatively quiet meeting at the Springfield City Council, two things were clear.  The Council remains skeptical of the mayor’s budgeting tactics and everybody loves the Student Prince.  Beyond that, much of the evening was focused on a couple of tax

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Take My Council, Please: Twilight Zoning…

UPDATED 9/28: Additional reporting included. The subject matter is complex, esoteric and to some, probably dull. However, Tuesday night the revision of the city’s zoning ordinance packed seats and elicited cheers and jeers from meeting attendees as residents demanded, sometimes bluntly, that Councilors act on