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Debates’ Course Heading: North by North Westfield…

WESTFIELD—With time running short, the candidates to replace Don Humason in the Westfield-only 4th Hampden House special election have done battle before seniors and the venerable Jim Madigan.  Republican Dan Allie and Democrat John Velis traded political jabs, but found a great deal of agreement

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A Whip City Wallet Inventory…

UPDATED: 3/2/14 2:43PM: To reflect details from an amended campaign finance report from Dan Allie, which changed the entries originally marked “chiropractor” to “reimburse.” WESTFIELD—Next Tuesday primaries will be held across the commonwealth to select nominees for special general elections to fill several vacant legislative

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Briefings: Candidates, but no Date in the Whip City…

UPDATED 12/30/13 8:47: NEPR’s Henry Epp and The Boston Globe’s Joshua Miller report the Speaker of the House has approved dates to fill the Fourth Hampden seat.  The Election division in Secretary Galvin’s office confirms. Signatures are due January 21, the primary will be held