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Briefings: Aiding Springfield’s Representatives in 2015…

Springfield Representative Jose Tosado announced his district office location and his aide this week, rounding out the staffing for the area’s new legislators. Tosado, like fellow freshman rep Carlos Gonzalez, hired one individual to assist with constituent services and legislative matters. Most members of the

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What The House Results in Springfield Represent…

Barring an earthshattering upset, it is all but certain that Springfield will send two Latino representatives to Boston come January. One of them, Carlos Gonzalez, will replace Cheryl Coakley-Rivera, in the 10th Hampden, which, due to encompassment of the North End has been pegged as

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To Take on the 9th Hampden as a Client…

SPRINGFIELD—The 9th Hamdpen Democratic primary shares some similarities with Peter Murphy’s run for the School Committee seat that covers wards 2 & 8.  A great deal of those wards are in the district and Murphy has experience in low turnout electoral affairs. However, in other

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As Senate Sizzles, House Races Emerge from Hibernation…

UPDATED 6/22/14 7:22 PM: For clarity & grammar. SPRINGFIELD—By January of this year, it was clear that the area delegation to Boston was in store was some major revisions. Amid retirements, resignations, and a few part-term incumbencies, several high-profile races are due for the districts

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Upon Lessons Learned, Cruz Built His Candidacy…

SPRINGFIELD—Even as a candidate, Cruz seems to be working overtime.  He has motored to events across the city, attended candidates forums, organized his digital strategy and even helped out friends running for office in neighboring communities. His parents were the same, working 80 hours weeks