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Vox Populi on Ad Hoc Committees…

SPRINGFIELD—Earlier this month, City Council President Mike Fenton had urged residents to apply for four ad hoc committees he was forming, prompting a flood of applications into the Council office.  The response exceeded expectations, leading Fenton to regret Monday night that he had “turn down” many people who had

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2014 Committees Signed, Sealed, Delivered, but There’s More…

SPRINGFIELD—The new City Council President moved quickly only a day after his election to appoint committees for the Council’s 2014 term.  Ward 2 Councilor Michael Fenton shuffled the seats on the Council’s committee Tuesday and announced the formation of two policy-centric proactive committees, which will

Hurst Campaign a Bid for Springfield’s Next Generation..

SPRINGFIELD—For years demographers and policy makers have raised concerns that Massachusetts’s third largest city and its region is suffering from brain drain.  Its best and brightest were packing up and moving on.  As bad as that problem was, its families, too were increasingly eschewing Springfield

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Millennials A-Massing: A Taste of the West…

Welcome to the Sunday Feature: A new effort to bring you lengthier, more in-depth stories on some Sundays. This is the second of a two-part series on a two-part series on younger candidates in Massachusetts politics. HOLYOKE—Could Holyokers entrust a young, energetic native son with

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Springfield Council Debate a Battle of Facts, Display of Style…

SPRINGFIELD—Three incumbents.  Three challengers.  Two-thirds of the field for the at-large City Council race appeared Wednesday evening for a debate at American International College for the at-large seats on the City Council.  It was a debate that featured differing styles among both the challengers and