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A Race Gone Amaad? New Hampden Senate Bid Surfaces…

Former Springfield City Councilor Amaad Rivera has reentered the electoral arena, challenging West Springfield Senator James Welch. Rivera, who has mostly worked as a political aide since leaving office, is Welch’s second Democratic primary opponent. Springfield Ward 1 Councilor Adam Gomez announced in January. Taking


Take My Council, Please: Someone to Grant Your Wishes…

SPRINGFIELD—Scheduling conflicts prompted a rare regular Council meeting only a week after the last one.  Consequently, the agenda was spare especially when compared to the last few. Nonetheless, it included potentially significant staffing items on a key Springfield commission and in the Finance Department. The


Take My Council, Please: The Omega for Two Alphas…

SPRINGFIELD—Since the introduction of ward representation, most exits from the City Council have come with a bit of ignominy. Except for Keith Wright’s resignation for family reasons, other Council departures came either after defeat for reelection or failure to win a different Springfield office. However,


Take My Council, Please: But Will They Notice Me…?

SPRINGFIELD—The skimpiness of the evening’s agenda was no impediment for a lengthy and at times Byzantine City Council meeting.  Though subjects like tax rates, snow removal and parking bans are familiar matters, councilors managed to expend considerable time and summon from the well of procedural

Edge of 2017: The Wide-angle View of Valley Election Day…

Edge of 2017 is a series analyzing the results and aftermath of the 2017 elections in the Pioneer Valley and beyond. SPRINGFIELD—Though just a blip against a national political earthquakes in New Jersey and Virginia, Election Day in the Pioneer Valley did mark both transition

Springfield School Committee Resigned to More Change…

UPDATED 7/5/17 7:43PM: To include comment from School Committee member Denise Hurst. For the second time in less than a year, the Springfield School Committee is losing a member. Rosa Perez, who represents Wards 1 and 3 on the Committee, offered her resignation on June