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Campaign Dollars/Common Cents Predictions…

For the first time since Springfield abolished its old system of government and ushered in a strong mayor-council government, and possibly ever, the city will hold a municipal election without the mayor on the ballot. Boston is the only other city in Massachusetts with more

He Who Would Be Council President…

UPDATED 12/5/12 2:47PM: For clarification of John Lysak’s political affiliation and grammar. Campaigns for the City Council Presidency in Springfield are quite unlike many of the city’s big political fights.  While several important issues go by unnoticed at 36 Court Street, where there is a

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Campaign High Finance…

**This post has been updated to reflect new information obtained from the governor’s office.** Councilor Rivera (Facebook) It is always hard to measure what impact scandals will have on a politician.  Nobody seemed to care that Rick Perry received a $25,000 donation from Ken Lay