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For Good & Country: John McCain 1936-2018…

It is not uncommon for members of the United States House of Representatives or Senate to etch a place into history. Few have quite like Senator John McCain, a Republican from Senator. His place as a politician is mixed, but the high points reflect the

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Analysis: Every Man a Kingston…

In a bruising and revealing profile of power in Springfield City Hall, The Republican’s Stephanie Barry laid bare the relationship between Mayor Domenic Sarno and political kingpin Charlie Kingston.  Indeed, as Barry wrote, “talk of Kingston’s sway has festered among City Hall insiders for years.”

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…It Must Not Break the Bonds of Our Affection…

Cong. Giffords (wikipedia) A Special Editor’s (Extended) Note: It has been just over a week since a mad gunman ripped apart a scene that illustrates one of the central tenets of our democracy.  After an initial rash of caustic finger-pointing and demands that we learn