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GUEST VIEW: In Mass., Which Working Class Voters?…

Maurice Cunningham’s post “MassDems- First in the Nation” continues to push a line that has become popular after November 8th, namely that Trump won on economic populism. If only Hillary Clinton had adopted Elizabeth Warren’s rhetoric then the outcome would have changed. The story that

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2013 An Election Odyssey: Jimmy Eat World…

UPDATED 9:41PM: For grammar and minor edits. This is the third post in a series analyzing the results of the 2013 election. SPRINGFIELD—In retrospect, at-large Councilor Jimmy Ferrera may owe his political career to chance.  When former State Senator and later clerk of courts Brian

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Briefings: Republicans’ Brown Out…

There is a great deal more to be said about former Republican Senator Scott Brown bowing out of another special election race. In particular there is will be a look at what the Massachusetts GOP’s options are (hint: they all stink!) and a longer coda