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Take My Council, Please: Facing the Hard Truth…

SPRINGFIELD—The growing ambition of the City Council beached itself onto the body’s widening political gulf, amid procedural and substantive disagreements on civil liberties and a public works project. While the Council ultimately voted to kill an order that could frustrate the X intersection project, it


Take My Council, Please: Taking It to the (TD) Bank…

SPRINGFIELD—If sparks were flying at the first City Council meeting of the year, they had manners. Equipped with three new members after last year’s elections, the Council moved ahead on a now-moratorium on facial recognition software. The body also formally requested the help of the

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Testing Home Rule…

Legislators, aides and union officials at Friday’s Meeting (WMassP&I) With city schools already more than a week behind schedule and many students still living in temporary housing after last year’s tornado, Springfield City Councilors and the city’s Beacon Hill delegation are looking to delay the