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Springfield Police Officer Killed…

The Springfield Republican is reporting that a 36 year veteran of the Springfield Police Department was killed today while responding to a domestic disturbance.  Officer Kevin Ambrose was shot and later died due to injuries sustained along with others at an apartment off of Wilbraham

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The Insight: A Valley of Ashe’s…

Six months ago, as Springfield voted in the shadow of a year of bizarre weather that almost certainly affected the election, a potentially subtler electoral coup emerged besides Domenic Sarno’s landslide victory.  Even as the weather had scrambled the predictions of the city’s punditocracy and

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Not for Entertainment Purposes…

Under any circumstances it cannot be said often enough that we do not believe that Domenic Sarno has anything but the best of intentions for the City of Springfield.  We have often disagreed with his policies, but when we endorsed his opponent last November, our

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Intersection of Andrew & Wilmont…

City Council Chamber before meeting (WMassP&I) Days after at-large Councilor Jimmy Ferrera offered his cynically and politically worded resolve before the Springfield City Council and Ward 3 Council Melvin Edwards slapped him down with a rhetorical stroke that summoned a cheer from the audience, irony