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Take My Council, Please: The Conception of Priorities…

UPDATED 3/8/13 12:56PM: Photograph of current Springfield Senior Center added. SPRINGFIELD—During a particularly policy-heavy evening, taking form in both ordinance and other measure, the City Council confronted a host of issue from finance to foreclosures to bonding.  However, while some of the more substantive debate

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Reason, Political Fear May Have Assigned Committes…

UPDATED 1/19/13: For grammar and clarity. SPRINGFIELD—Defying the low expectations of many City Council watchers, Council President and at-large Councilor Jimmy Ferrera appointed the Council’s committees, but without the inequitable and punitive air that characterized last year’s appointments.  Chairs of committees were spread among councilors,

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Who, Not What, Should Now Go to Committee?…

UPDATED 1/11/13 4:56PM: For Clarity SPRINGFIELD—The Springfield City Council formally installed at-large Councilor Jimmy Ferrera for another year-long term as the body’s president before a chamber filled with department heads, supporters and family. The new term begins a year after Ferrera started his first term

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Take My Council, Please: With Firm Resolve…

UDPATED 10/18/12 2:22pm During a relatively quiet meeting at the Springfield City Council, two things were clear.  The Council remains skeptical of the mayor’s budgeting tactics and everybody loves the Student Prince.  Beyond that, much of the evening was focused on a couple of tax

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Take My Council, Please: Sound & Fury Signifying What?…

For weeks now, tension has been building among city councilors over the mayor’s budget.  Even before Mayor Domenic Sarno presented his budget two weeks ago, many councilors were almost livid over the process.  Consequently, when the budget faced its annual scrutiny Wednesday evening, it was

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Take My Council, Please: Cheers & Jeers…

Monday was a day of minor victories, but also grim financial news and schizophrenic behavior at the Springfield City Council.  With three members absent, councilors debated a host of resolutions, put off several measures to committee and even took some further steps on ordinances.  Prior